Ugh School

Welp, I’m trying to plan the last six classes I need to graduate. Woo hoo! I’m almost done! I’ve been plugging away at an undergraduate degree for the past ten years and it feels really nice to be finished soon.


Oh wait. My school is the worst scheduler in the world.


Yes, today might be a bit of a rant because I’ve struggled with this every. single. year. I’m serious. It’s part of the reason I left school to have a family.

You see, I should have been able to graduate in December of this year. That’s how Brian and I planned it from the beginning. When I got into classes for this winter term, there were only four scheduled that I could take. Annoying, but it meant that I would need to take an extra spring class. Oh well. So I planned my spring classes. I needed to take four, but they only offered three. Annoying again, but it just meant that I would have to jump through a few extra hoops in the fall.

Here’s the thing: you have to be approved to take six courses in one term because a regular full-time course load is five courses. My grades are good enough that I could handle it just fine. I’m sure that approval isn’t a big deal.

Then enrollment happened. There are two courses open for me in the fall of this year. There are the full five offered in the winter. One course is not offered at all. It’s just not scheduled. Where the “View Course Selections” button is, it just says ”
*** This course has not been scheduled. ***”

Sigh. It doesn’t even sound fun.

I’ve sent an email to my adviser about this problem, which hasn’t been answered. She’s a busy lady. So I’m going in on Tuesday to meet with her. I’ve got no hope of graduating in December. If I can figure out something to do with this *insert curse word* of a class, hopefully I can graduate in April 2018. Sigh.

So, as it stands, I won’t be in school at all in the fall and I’ll be taking five classes in January next year. So that’s just super.

 Update (21 March): I met with an advisor to figure things out. While I’ll still be graduating next April (sigh), they’re letting me take a substitute class for the one not offered. While I’m still frustrated that our program struggles with planning, I am grateful that they’re working with me. I’ve been placed into 3 classes in the fall and 4 in the winter. Since I wasn’t graduating this fall, I figured I could bump an elective from this spring to next winter. All in all, progress is being made!



5 thoughts on “Ugh School

  1. So sorry for your struggles! Sounds like you’re developing LOTS of perseverance; it often seems to me that God teaches me something that I turn out needing and being grateful for…on down the road :-). Hang in there!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I’m sure there’s a lesson here somewhere, but I’m feeling the need to sulk first haha


  2. What a garbage system. A lack of scheduled classes on the university’s part that you are required to take should NEVER delay a graduation. That should be on the university to fix and figure out so you can graduate on time–whatever it looks like. But I know they struggle with it every single year to get right.

    Sucks for all the frustration and life-scheduling you have to wade through.

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  3. Ugh. I’m so sorry friend. Why are small universities so sucky at scheduling? I can’t wait to watch (and cry happy tears) when they finally grant your long overdue degree. You are the smartest, kindest, beautiful-est, and most perseverant person I know; don’t you dare let this get you down.


    1. Oh Sam!! My heart just burst! You are so kind and sweet and if I have any perseverance, I learned it from you! Love you to pieces!


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