I Swear I’m Still Here

So my goal was to post a blog post every week and I’ve stayed on top of things since September. Which is exactly six months longer than I thought I would.

Here’s the thing:

I’m out of creative ideas right about now.

I’ve been editing my novel and I’m happy to say that I’m feeling pretty good about part 1, which is to say that I feel like I have the first half of my fourth draft of my novel done. I’m feeling pretty good.

But now I’m terrified of starting part 2 and this writer’s block always extends to everything that I touch. I’ve got like four drafts of blog posts just sitting here, but they’re all so emotional and whiny and…ugh. Just not what I want to be posting.

I was talking a couple weeks ago about living deliberately and I started out so well, but then I found a whole bunch of excuses not to. I fell down the stairs (just me, boys were sleeping) and wrecked my tailbone. The heavy painkillers I was taking ended up making it really hard for me to focus.

I also started planning on going back to school and I’m waiting to hear back (turns out if you’re out of school for 12 consecutive months, you have to reapply to go back). And as I wait, I’m just watching all the classes I want to take fill up. It’s really discouraging me. Even if I do get accepted, what if I can’t take any of the classes I want to take and can’t go back anyways? AH! So stressful.

Then, of course, there are the boys. I love them, but they can sure suck all the time out of a day.

Speaking of which, I can hear at least one of them yelling that they are now awake.

So hopefully you’ll be hearing from me in the next week with something wonderfully inspired.

Thanks for sticking with me!



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