Hello world!

Welcome to rbtopping.wordpress.com!

This is me giving a glimpse into the glamorous world of a mother who loves to write, but struggles to find the time. Hopefully this will one day be the place where I can announce the publication of my first novel or any of my short stories, but until then, let me entertain you with the moments that make up my life.

I warn you, there will be a lot of graphic honesty here. If you don’t want to know that I have just come from a blow-out diaper and I’m not really sure why I can still smell it (oh, I have some in my hair…great.), then you might not want to move forward. But if you’re willing to laugh with me a the silly moments that come with being a mother or the pent-up anxiety of not writing anything good lately, I invite you on what I hope will be a fun ride.

I plan on having a couple of guest bloggers and maybe even some fun event days like a Throwback Thursday or I-hate-this-day-when-will-it-be-over Monday, but it sort of depends on when I get the time while my little monkey grows. I aim to publish every week at least. Forgive me if I am being overly optimistic.

Can’t wait!


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